Social Services

Support group-How to AGE in marriAGE!    

We run a weekly support group for senior women in the community to address the changes that occur in our marriages as we age. We discuss the stresses and issues that may accompany aging with a spouse. It has become a very safe place to express fears, concerns, and foster emotional honesty
This is a small, cohesive, confidential group of women. The validation, insight, and learned coping skills have been invaluable for the women who have joined. There has been a tremendous growth process throughout the two years that we have been running this group. It is facilitated by our professional geriatric social worker.

“Without the support that the group provides, I often felt that I was slipping into depression and illness. But with this group, I am realizing, that I am not alone and that there are others who can and do deal with problems like this and who can offer suggestions from their own experience and for whom I can be a listening ear and offer my own experiences and ideas… aside from the experience of sharing, feeling comfort and support, I am developing camaraderie and a sense of usefulness in the shared experiences that we discuss. I feel strengthened by this and no longer see myself as a victim of circumstances….I find  that my own mental health is growing .. there is more light and less darkness in my life.”

a member of the support group

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Inter-generational volunteering project

For the past 3 years we have coordinated an inter-generational project in which we send local high school students to volunteer in the homes of elderly, helping them with many household tasks.

Special relationships are formed as the elderly women teach, guide, and mentor these teens as they share from their rich life experience and wisdom.

We have about 15-20 teens going weekly to 5-10 seniors’ homes, They spend 1.5 hours a week doing chessed. It has been a lifesaver for the seniors and a really positive experience for the kids.

Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship fund was created to help sponsor approximately 15% of participants that cannot afford to pay a membership but who need to join our activities for their physical and emotional health. These individuals have been hand picked by our Social worker who reviews each individual case.

We have partnered with LeMa’an Achai, a social services non-profit organization in Beit Shemesh, enabling us to give scholarships to more people in need.

You too can help sponsor someone in need with an annual scholarship of 1,340 USD through our donate page