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“Xperience Senior Enrichment” Center for women opens its doors to all newcomers and visitors from abroad with great enthusiasm and renewed strength.
For all our dear members, frequent guests and friends who benefited and enjoyed last year’s diverse activities, we’re enjoying a gratifying fourth year as we have coordinated inspiring, enlightening and fun classes and workshops, social events, parties and trips to enjoy and explore together.

“Xperience Senior Enrichment” is composed of active bright and friendly women who come together to learn, grow, have fun, interact socially and give to others. It’s an unbelievable resource center of talents and strengths personified by each and every one of our members and we await for you to join the club!
Our activities include: Diverse exercise classes, Urban art, Jewish Positive Thinking workshop, the history of Beit Shemesh, shiurim, varied lectures of interest, health enrichment mornings, support groups, field trips and much, much more!

You might just be in luck and join us for a trip or an event, make sure to check out the schedule for the current month. To get a copy of the Schedule please email us the subject “schedule” to: youexperienceit@gmail.com

Is your mother or mother-in-law in town? We want her! Mothers and mother in laws from out of town are wanted by “Xperience” !

For more information about our program email us at youexperienceit@gmail.com or call 0737241637, leave us a message, and we’ll send you the details.

Looking forward to meeting you,

The “Xperience” Team

new olim seniors visit the Hula valley

To view our monthly Schedule press Here